Last Chance K9 Logo

Welcome to our home page! Last Chance K9 Rescue was put together by a few people who recognized that even what seems to be an aggressive dog may still have love to give. We deal with that one dog who could not be re-homed by a regular rescue because it just had too many “issues’ to work with. But if you have had the experience we have, you will know that many of these dogs are very misunderstood and just need direction onto the right path. Our board is made up of a few good people who can help, whether you are just a regular dog owner or a rescue with a dog who is sweet but hard to handle. Unfortunately because we are very small, intakes happen rarely, but the lucky ones that do come our way eventually learn how to be a good dog and find their forever homes.

We deal with all breeds and sizes, along with many issues, such as resource guarding, stranger aggression, dog aggression, issues with children and more. All of the dogs we have taken have put their mouth on someone, which qualifies them as “dangerous” to other rescues, who cannot adopt them out. Many of these dogs are young, and don’t understand the proper way to act, either due to improper training, breed specific traits or simply a lack of exercise and socialization. Some of these things are more important to some dogs then others, not every dog comes out like a Disney dog. Don’t these misunderstand furry friends deserve a proper chance to live happily ever after as well? We think so, and we will do what we can to make sure they get it.

Our Mission Statement
“Is to facilitate and provide province wide rehabilitation and adoption for dogs that would otherwise be euthanized by existing animal organizations due to behavioural issues. Last Chance K9 Rescue’s goal is to work with existing animal facilities to provide an option to euthanasia for dogs with potential for rehabilitation.”