Dogs for Adoption



We were contact by Oshawa Animal Services regarding this handsome boy, who had already managed to have 2 homes and multiple bites under his belt by the age of 1.5 years. He also bit one of the male helpers at the shelter who was just a little too excited to meet him. Flash was in a home with children, but not much information past that was given. He was re- homed to another home with 2 men, but unfortunately men seem to be his weakness so he didn’t do so well. He’s been great with us so far, but we are just getting into the hard part of socialization. He does chase loud engines and likes to bark at bikes when they pass, we are working on that. He will run with a bike and not attack it, so he just needs to be desensitized to moving objects. We think he is a Spaniel x Bernese Mountain dog, with whatever else may be hiding in there. Stay posted for progress reports on our facebook page and we will let you know when he is ready to go!