2 in one year, boy did we get lucky! And so did this cutie! Bellie was adopted and brought to the states with her new family. She now has a full family with Mommy, Daddy and siblings! We are so happy she has a chance at seeing what a real family does, and be able to get the love she deserves. We will miss her but her owners check in frequently to let us know how much she loves her new life.



Voodoo came to us from the Georgina Animal Shelter where she was doing terribly with all of the stress and uncertainty of shelter life. She had put her mouth on a volunteers leg when passing another dog. So no one was sure if she was dog or people friendly. Once she got into foster care it was evident she was friendly with both under the right supervision she was younger then we thought and wasn’t brave enough to deal with anything new on her own. In her foster home she flourished and was rehomed to a couple who lost their husky to old age. They love her immensely and boy does she know how lucky she got, this is way better then shelter life! Good job Voo!



Frank was adopted out to a gentleman who had just lost his 16 year old Shih tzu and was ready for a new companion. It was love at first sight, as I had to laugh while Frank watch his soon to be owner hand back his leash and walk to his car after his introduction walk. I knew they were meant to be together and so did Frank. A week later I dropped Frank off at his new home and I know he has not looked back. I mean if you had an entire couch this big to yourself, would you???? I get frequent updates from his Dad in which he describes their adventures had and still to come!



Storm was surrendered by her newly adopted family after they discovered she was just too much to handle. At 1 1/2 years she had already put her mouth on a couple of adults, barked and lunged at everything she saw on leash and couldn’t hear anything past her own ears. This was already her third home for a Shepherd X in her teenage years, she belonged to NO ONE! She was taken in by Last Chance for rehabilitation and ended up staying with her foster Mom. It’s been a long hard road for this girl and her Mom, but we made it. She gets to go walking with her Mommy for work, meeting lots of new dogs and has really warmed up to strangers. She has even perfected the Golden (retriever) lean, happily using your leg as support as she enjoys her ear rubs!



Marley was a beautiful female Bull Mastiff of approximately 2 years old. She was brought to the rescue after having some problems with a family who purchased her from a breeder. Prior to Marley living with this family she spent most of her life in a crate and had little socialization with the outside world. This made Marley scared and often fearful of new experiences, people, places and movements. After being purchased and being brought back to her family, Marley wasn’t doing do well. She was having problems adjusting to her new living environment. One day Marley was left alone with some children in the backyard of her home. Something must have spooked Marley and she bit one of the kids. Marley was then taken to the local animal shelter, where her fate was not good.

That was how Marley ended up in our home. As a foster family for Last Chance K-9 Rescue we took Marley in for her 2
nd chance. At first Marley was shy and fearful of men. She wouldn’t even approach men after getting to know them. After staying with us for several months I could see the change in Marley. We introduced Marley to new friends and she began to open up and understand that people were not out to hurt her. After this she found a great home with a companion just her size and a Mommy and Daddy who loved her and knew how to deal with her bully style. Even after all these years she is still happy in comfortable in her adopted forever home.



Zeus will probably be one of our most memorable adoptions. He came to us with fear biting issues, and worked through them like the good boy we knew he was. He was taken by an older couple once adopted and settled in right away. His Mommy was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his adoption and Zeus did his best to comfort his new family in their pain. He was their saviour, a way to focus on something else other then her terrible diagnosis. His Mom ended up succumbing to the disease and Zeus and his father took comfort in each other. With Zeus his Dad still had a big furry purpose to get up in the morning, with unconditional love to help them through their rough time. An animals love can truly help us through the good times and the bad, and our love can help them heal as well.